Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Resolutions about what i want to see in Malaysia.

1) The independent of mass media, court system and all online activities such as swiss cash and blogging.

2) Malaysia’s football team will play in world cup and no more political involvement in sports

3) The advances of our aerospace, defenses, electronic, and engineering technologies.

4) The opposition will rule the government to ensure the quality of government system and which party loses the mandate will perform better to retain peoples’ trust.

5) Strong internal security and resilient against external threats

6) Reduce taxes, toll payments and other important necessities of the people.

7) Concept of democracy will be applied in all government agencies and separation of power, fully practiced.

8) No more cronyism all government project and system

9) Enforce the law and reduce the smuggling activities because it will affect the shortage of food necessity also the quality and quantity food production will increase.

10) All drivers attitude will change to see the decreasing of accident.

its part of my current issues ISA hah...=P

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nAdyA said...

no 2 tu agak mustahil.. :P

Ooήey™ said...

nadya:hehehe..xmustahil law xde politik dlm sukan itu.
itu sbb xhebat sbb ada org berkepentingan
hahah bg aku jdi coach
kompom tu masuk..